Tuesday, August 29, 2006



The FERROTRADES OIL TRADING represents the operational headquarters of the group. Strategically located in Samsun,Turkey; FERROTRADES is focused on the Middle East and Asian Market. In the mean time, the group itself has acquired an impressive reputation as sellers (and trade-financiers) in the international oil and energy market. Obviously, as in the case of FERROTRADES, Turkey, it also represents one of the group's central turntables in regard to energy trading.

Today, the FERROTRADES OIL TRADING is reponsible for the administrative monitoring of virtually all the Group's activities in cooperation with the subsidairies and partner companies, which act in a supportive role. All this is linked to a highly sophisticated communication network and an in-house databank system that offers qualified real-time services and assistance to the whole trade network and consequently ensures a fast decision process throughout all transactions to the benefit of our clients.

The FERROTRADES INTERNATIONAL went into oil trading business in the year 2006. Since then the company has managed to allocate itself firmly in the region (and beyond), and has in the mean time established an extensive network of reliable partnerships within the energy trade. These partnerships reach from Moscow to New York right down to the Far East. Together with numerous American,Spanish, Russian, German and Canadian partners and refineries FERROTRADES Turkey has been able to generate a substantial network. Naturally, due its geographic location, FERROTRADES Turkey represents one of the key operational centres for the group in regard to oil or commodity trading, and is able to operate flexibly within all time zones wordwide.


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FERROTRADES trading unit actively trades in a variety of distillate and residual products which include the following:


Naphtha is used as a blending component for motor gasoline or as a feedstock for the petrochemical plants. Heavy naphtha is an ideal feedstock for reformers and aromatic plants. Light and paraffinic naphtha is widely used as ethylene feedstock. Open-specs naphtha is the most frequently traded naphtha grade.

Motor Gasoline

Motor Gasoline is used in automobiles and marine outboard motors with spark-ignition engines. It is often graded according to its Research Octane Number (RON) which measures the antiknock performance of a motor fuel. SPC supplies unleaded motor gasoline of various grades from 92 RON to 98 RON.

Automotive Diesel Oil

Automotive Diesel Oil (ADO) is mainly used in automobiles, marine boats, industrial boilers, generator sets and other industrial engines with internal combustion engines. SPC supplies ADO meeting 0.005% sulphur content. In line with maintaining a clean environment, Singapore's domestic market consumes primarily ADO with 0.005% sulphur content.

Jet Fuel

Jet Fuel also known as Jet A-1 is a kerosene-type fuel used in aviation turbine engines. SPC supplies jet fuel meeting the following latest specifications:

United Kingdom Defence Standard (DEF STAN) 91-91/2/latest issue for Turbine Fuel, Aviation Kerosene Type

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D-1655 for Aviation Turbine Fuel, Kerosene Type Jet A-1

International Air Transport Association (IATA )Guidance Material for Aviation Turbine Fuel, Kerosene Type

Aviation Fuel Quality Requirements for Jointly Operated Systems (AFQRJOS)

Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is commonly used as a fuel for cooking and heating. It is colourless and is normally stenched at the refinery before distribution to enable detection of leakage by smell. FERROTRADES OIL TRADING supplies bulk LPG to the domestic industrial and commercial sector through bulk delivery including provision of bullet tanks installation at customers' premises.